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Scripture Engraved Jewelry!


Rings, Necklace, Dog Tag for Men and Women. Click on the link to order. Prices from $21.95


Shrug Scarf! Only $8.00



Chiffon Print Shrug Scarf

Abstract Pattern Pastel color

Polyester Chiffon

Use for Neck Scarf or Shoulder shrug with sleeve. Wear with any color dress or blouse.

Cost: $10.00 each Click to buy –

Stone Cross Jewelry Scarves



Stone Cross Jewelry Scarves

Jersey Solid String Scarf with Big Cross and Rings to order visit my booth @
Size 14 x 60 inch Weight 6.2 oz
Cost: $18.00

No shipping cost



Oblong Cut Print Chiffon Scarf


Oblong cut print chiffon scarf
Die cut print oblong chiffon scarf
Size 20 x 60 inches Weigt 2.2 oz

Only $7.50 each  @


Silky Satin Short Dress Halter Neck




Silky Satin Short Dress Halter Neck

One size

100% Polyester Weight 5.9 oz

Was $36.99

Now $25.00 for a limited time only.

Save $11.99

Order Now at





Free Shipping for the Month of July

For the entire month of July we are offering Free Shipping on all orders.

 So why wait, taking advantage now of our FREE Shipping for the Month of July.


For all orders within the United States