Dawgs Women’s Z Sandals – Assorted Colors!




Dawgs Women’s Z Sandals – Assorted Colors

Does your idea of a fantastic vacation include seeing the sights to your heart’s content? Then, you’re going to need the right shoes to get you where you need to go while serving up enough style to spare. The coolest thing about this pair of Dawgs Women’s Z Sandals is that it provides you with enough support to keep you on your feet for a long time and is versatile enough to wear from day to night. Open, airy, and easy to slip into, this fabulous alternative to boring flip flops has all the comfort and chicness you need to pair with anything from your casual outfits to dressy duds.  Click to buy http://www.nomorerack.com/daily_deals/view/892914?n=3259&pid=1&pc=134582

Only 24hrs left

$12.00 Our Price

$40.00 Retail


6 thoughts on “Dawgs Women’s Z Sandals – Assorted Colors!

  1. I love nomorerack! They have really good deals; just wish shipping didn’t take forever. We need these sandals this week.

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