Ella’s Shoe Floral Creations

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10426128_10152560637077823_2509934456196909169_n 10372304_10152560637192823_4958371564991611082_n

10603343_10152560634397823_4064752651252786419_n 10341427_10152560634457823_6593586497030957029_n

Floral Shoe Beige.1 Floral Shoe Beige

10888483_1 10930080_1

10928190_ 10929100_

To order your custom made floral shoe arrangement email me at fashionm4women@yahoo.com

or order from http://www.bonanza.com/booths/Fashionm4women

© 2015 fashionm4women.  All Rights Reserved.


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